Bold Echo Mini iPad Pouch

Color: Black

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We all remember the ease of our childhood days: Rock, paper, scissors was the law of the land; drinking Kool Aid only happened in the literal sense; and patched fashion was essentially the only fashion. Flash forward 20-or-so years and our childhood staples—the patchwork on vinyl from BONIA’s Bold Echo Collection could make its way back into our lives! And yes that’s right: We’re grown adults who opt to parade with embroidered rainbows and roses and other miscellaneous patches on our otherwise-perfectly-fine bags. So?


Product details

8 Card Slots
Leather Type: Vinyl
Material Type: Moderate
Logo Type: Metal Logo
Accessories Type: Gold
Lining Type: Logo


Items Measurement

22cm (L) × 17cm (H) × 2cm (W)

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