BONIA Raya Gift Package


BONIA created this special BONIA Raya Gift Package as part of our initiative to help out small local businesses and NGOs that have been affected by the pandemic such as WITUS, Signature Market and Snack De Plan(SME). The thoughtfully tailored assortment of products makes this the perfect Raya gift.

Each Gift Package consists of:
• BONIA Soffio Pouch
• Coconut Cookies
• Chocolate Chip Cookies
• Mixed Nuts
• Delish Appetizing Tea
• Exclusive Satin Scarf

BONIA Soffio Pouch: With a spectrum of colours to choose from, the SOFFIO pouch is an effortless showcase of your vibrant personality! The pouch is the perfect complement to a primary carry, offering up an enclosed zippered space for smaller articles to keep everything organized and clutter free.


Exclusive Satin Scarf: As versatile as it is fashionable, scarves from BONIA can be styled to your preference. For the Raya gifting, we  used it as a do-up that takes cues from the Japanese art of gift wrapping. You can also experiment with different applications- tie it as a neck accessory or use it as a headband or bandanna.



22cm (L) x 24cm (H) x 9cm (W)

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