Twinenet II Satchel

Color: Dark Beige

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What’s in a name? For the Twinenet II Satchel, it spells out the two inspirations that define the carry – twine and netting. Both elements convey a sense of intricacy in their construction, requiring fine movements and artisanal skill to create. As the defining motif, it speaks to the satchel's underlying values: unparalleled craftsmanship and a deep appreciation for the details.


Feature Details:

  • 1 Pocket
  • 1 Zip Pocket
  • 1 Card Slot
  • Material : Leather, Vinyl, Printed Twinenet
  • Material Type : Moderate
  • Logo : Metal Logo
  • Accessories : Gold
  • Inner Material : Leather
  • Lining Type : Logo
  • Handle Strap : Dual [H:8.5cm]
  • Shoulder Strap : Detachable , Non-adjustable [H:46.5cm]
  • Bonia-860076-307



20cm(L) x 24cm(H) x 5.5cm(W)

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