Vizio Wine Tote

Color: Black

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The Vizio’s long slender design not only allows it to be naturally cavernous but also practical for life’s finest vice-- wine. Twin bottles of vin ordinaire can easily fit, making toting them around not only effortless but a classy affair. Be the life of the party and do so in undiluted style.


Feature Details:

  • 1 Pocket
  • Leather Type: Monogram, Leather
  • Material Type: Moderate
  • Logo Type: Logo 
  • Accessories Type: Gold 
  • Lining Type: Logo 
  • Handle: Dual Handle
  • Package Included: Vizio Wine Tote (Not Included Red Wine)
  • Bonia-860296-003/004



20cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 32cm (H)

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